Autumn Recommendation – Black Velvet Leggings

How is your summer? Are you beginning to think about how to wear for this autumn?

Here I just want to show you my last wonderful acquisition when it comes to pants.

I got some really cool leggings from ROMWE. And my favorite one is the velvet leggings. Super cool! They are ROMWE’s own design. They are black. These leggings are crafted from a soft touch fabric, they have a stretch fit and they are all comfortable to wear. Having these leggings is really awesome considering fall is coming soon. They are almost wearable with everything like dress, coat, sweater and pullover. And I can pair them with many bright colors. The key point is they have a good quality with affordable price. All my friends around said the Black Velvet Leggings look very good on me.

Yes, I am so ready for fall and these leggings just fit great on me and they really amazing! The leggings with dress go well with cute heels!


  1. śliczne te spodnie :)http://because-i-like-dots.blogspot.com/

  2. i love that jacket!


    Coline ♡

  3. Prosto, ale pięknie!

    Zapraszam do siebie!

  4. śliczne zdjęcia :) uśmiechaj się częściej :)

  5. Piękne włosy, świetne zdjęcia! :)

  6. Super wyglądasz w tych legginsach :)

  7. Doskonałe połączenie ! :)

  8. te legginsy w pepitkę świetnie wyglądają z Vansami:)

  9. jesteś urocza :) wyglądasz olśniewająco :) chętnie tutaj do Ciebie zaglądać :)


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